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Creating sites of any complexity with adaptive design. Designing web applications for any business tasks.

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Creating a business card website

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Benefits of working with us.

Free technical consultation.

The ability to expand functionality.

Reasonable prices.

Initial website search engine optimization.

More than 7 years of work in the field of IT.

Cross-browser page layout.

We select only the necessary functionality for your site (there is no extra code - the site works faster).

We work under the contract.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

What «iT-eLab» can offer to you?:

  1. Complex SEO-audit of the website including the analysis of technical aspects of a website, usability and content. Website audit is a major element, which is necessary for further qualitative SEO. In addition, unlike many competitors, we do it free of charge.
  2. After the audit of the project and the correction of errors (according to our statistics, more than half of the websites that our company was engaged in promotion have some or other problems, the solution of which help to improve the positions in the search engines), begins the stage of so-called internal optimization of the site. This process can be divided into several components:
    • Creation of a semantic kernel (selection of the promoted words);
    • Grouping and distribution of selected keywords on promoted pages;
    • Writing of «unique» thematic articles under the chosen queries, editing information;
    • Compilation and placement of «title» and «description» tags on the promoted pages, depending on the relevant search queries;
    • Correction of bugs in a website code, optimization of work;
  3. Let's pass to external optimization of the website:
    • Analysis of the websites-competitors from the TOP of search engines;
    • Getting quality «eternal» external links to the promoted project only from trusted sites;
    • Writing advertising texts, press releases, with the subsequent placement on thematic platforms;
    • Registration of the site in major catalogs and on information sites;
    • Setting up and using Analytics systems: Google Analytics, Yandex Metric. It`s an important component of successful search engine optimization. Promotion requires constant monitoring and making necessary changes for proper SEO;
    • Maintenance and support of resources.

Over time, your site may go down in search results, as the algorithms of search engines are constantly improving and changing, and what was in trend a year ago, now can on the contrary let your site down in the SERP.

Automated content of sites

Filling the online store with products;

Adding/updating information pages;

Downloading (parsing) of goods from the required site;

SEO site content;

Updating the assortment and prices of products;

Presentation of information of the desired structure in any format: xml, txt, csv;


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